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People and organisations who have been helpful
or a source of everyday inspiration.

Chrysalis Relaxation Centre

Chrysalis Relaxation Centre was established to be a safe haven, aimed at helping people who are seeking to become aware of the possibilities that life really has on offer.

Chrysalis Centre is a Cairns workshop space that I have used a number of times. Find out more about Chrysalis at the link below.

Connect Magazine

Connect Magazine is a monthly publication, an initiative of "", billed as "The only holistic magazine in Far North Queensland".

Connect Magazine has proven to be an effective advertising medium and the website provides a wealth of information and links to events and people in holistic fields in the Far North. Magazine

Cairns Crystal Ball Bookstore

crystal ball store
Crystal Ball Bookstore is the bookstore in Cairns for self help, spiritual and esoteric book requirements. Visit the shop for real books and real service with a smile.

Free To Be Healing

Free to be healing is Anthony Annersley and Cheryll Boissevain, offering Natural Therapy Clinics in Kuranda, Atherton and Cairns. Anthony and Cheryll assist people to find wellness, happiness and fulfillment by using natural healing practices, that strengthens and enlivens their spirit.

Stephen Chong

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 6.08.34 PM
Stephen Chong is a Professional Development Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Screen Play Writer based in Kuranda. He also has quite a nice web site!