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Reiki Classes

We choose to learn the Reiki practice for many reasons. Sometimes it’s the recognition that we have a need for healing of some aspect of our own life, or we want to support someone we care for in their healing process. But it can just as easily be that the very word Reiki simply draws us, we get an internal “Yes ...this is a way for me”.

The practice of the Usui System (Usui Shiki Ryoho) is simple to learn. Simplicity can be deceptive, is an art in itself, and with a depth that can be known only through the experience of it. There are no feats of memory or concentration required, no tests to pass, beyond being present in the class.

I teach my classes in what some might call the traditional form, the oral tradition, creating a context for the practice through “story telling” . The story has purpose, the storyteller holds and expresses its meaning in a way that is more than the words. The essence of the learning experience is "being there", an in-person connection and relationship with the initiating master.

Selecting a Reiki Master

"Learning Reiki" can mean a lot of different things. The initiating master is a source of motivation to practise, someone in whom you can have confidence and trust to continue in their commitment to the practice. It is beneficial to know what form of practice you will receive from a particular master.

There is wisdom in making a considered and conscious choice.

The First Degree Class

This is the "entry level" class, where you learn and enter into the practice, experience the process known as initiation. The class is in the form of four 3 hour sessions, over consecutive days. The class form is basic and simple. Remember, a child is able to take this class.

By the end of the class you will have all that you need to do the practise, and to continue to learn what the practice has to teach you, all on your own. This foundation is the point of the class, “getting an initiation" is but one element.

As in other aspects of everyday life, practice is essential to gain the rewards of the process. First degree is complete in itself; there is no need to take further levels although you may choose to do so. My class fee is $300.00.

The Second Degree Class

This class is for those who have taken a First Degree class and find, that after practising at the first degree level for some time, they are drawn to another level of the practice, and into a different aspect of their own personal healing process. In essence it involves learning new ways of engagement with, and of being in the practice.

The class is in the form of three 3 hour sessions, over 3 days. Once again, practice is essential to gain the benefit of the process. My class fee is $600.00.

The Third (Masters) Degree

This is not a formal class. The journey to (self) mastery is an apprenticeship in company with an experienced master. It begins with the student mindfully living and practising the system, and takes as long as it takes.

Initiation as a reiki master will not make you more than you already are, nor will it give you powers you do not already possess. Initiation as a master is not the end of the journey; it is the beginning of a new and lifelong one.

If you need more information on classes, have decided you would like to take a class with me, or would like to bring a class to where you live, please be in touch. Several options are given on the contact page.